My First Dob

Here are a couple of snapshots of my new 10" f/6 Dob at various stages of construction (see here for a little about the mirror):

1999 Apr 6:

1999 Apr 23

1999 Apr 27: First Light (with no Al coating)

Quick snapshot with a Sony Mavica handheld to the eyepiece:

The finished product

done.jpg (48k) done2.jpg (130k)

The various pieces:

Ground board and center bolt; teflon pads are directly above the feet; the center bolt fastens to a T-nut in the ground board and turns on a nylon bushing in the rocker bottomgroundboard.jpg (30k)
EbonyStar and Teflon bearing material from CEObearings.jpg (50k)
Partially assembled rocker box; the addition of additional braces below GREATLY increased its stiffnessrocker.jpg (55k)
Inner side brace; screwed and glued to side and bottombraceinner.jpg (26k)
Outer side brace; screwed and glued to side and bottombrace.jpg (37k)
braceouter.jpg (40k)
Cradle boards (fixed part of altitude bearings)cradles.jpg (52k)
Altitude bearings and tube rings; lined with adhesive backed felt to protect the tuberings.jpg (73k)
rings2.jpg (75k)
12" ID Sonotube 67" long (price: one 12-pack of Henry's; thanks, Ed :-)tube.jpg (34k)
Bottom tube ring, mirror cell, collimation boltsimg/cellparts.jpg (36k)
Assembled bottom tube ring and mirror cell; cell can be removed by taking out the bolts and rotating 60 degrees (rubber bands are temporary); fan will cover the holecellbottom.jpg (60k)
Collimation bolts have mayonaise jar tops on the heads and thread into T-nuts on the mirror cellcelldetail.jpg (69k)
unaluminized mirror and top of cell; mirror will be attached with RTV on the bottom and the three postscelltop.jpg (53k)
Coated Primaryitworks.jpg (68k)
Mirror - Cell attachment. There are also three big blobs of silicone glue between the back of the mirror and the cellpost.jpg (73k)
Collimation spot: a hole reinforcer painted black and carefully centeredspot.jpg (67k)
Electronicselectronics.jpg (44k)
Nice quiet fan (to be installed on the back of the mirror cell)fan.jpg (55k)
ProtoStar spider and holder with integrated dew heater; CEO1.30" secondary mirror (1/20 wave!)spider.jpg (65k)
JMI NGF-DX1 2" dual speed Crayford focuser (not cheap and worth every penny!)focuser.jpg (53k)
Top tube end ringtopring2.jpg (41k)
QuikFinderQuikFinder.jpg (57k)

Bill Arnett; last updated: 2000 May 10